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Permanent offer

In our restaurant, you may also enjoy RAW FOOD SPECIALITIES in our á la Carte!

0,2 l Gazpacho - tomato soup– RAW49,-
200 gCourgette spaghetti with raw food Bolognese sauce sprinkled with parmesan – RAW149,-
100 gAlmond roll with plum stuffing and bio cocoa – RAW99,-

Every Thursday and Friday the lunch offer shall present lunch an entire PALEO menu. For this week’s menu (Thursday and Friday) click HERE.

What is RAW FOOD? And what is it good for?

Raw Food / raw foodism is a diet excluding cooking and processing food.
This, however does not prevent preparing awesome dishes which will fully satisfy your hunger. The dishes are prepared by blending, germination, drying up to 42 °C – all these processes are capable of preparing dishes that look the same as those known from the traditional cuisine. The difference is in their composition and preparation.
Why prefer fresh food to cooked food?

  • Preserving the original texture and composition of food that provide balance among hundreds and thousands nutrients
  • Cooking destroys some vitamins and minerals contained in the food
  • Enzymatic activity. Enzymes are life. They are the catalysers of all processes in the human body, they, among other secure the absorption and utilization of vitamins, minerals and the digestion of other nutrients.
  • Thermal processing destroys this balance and structure, which causes excessive loading of (not only) the digestion system.